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Noun. The act of walking down the street, pussy-first.

>Implies gold-digging...

- A fake-ass bitch who will shit all over you!

- You don't get the real girl. She masks emotions, lies and plays games.

- Usually obnoxious and attention-seeking.

- Can't even begin to grasp the meaning of self-control.. and lives her life in a completely shitty way.

- A slutty girl who has lost all hope in her ability to FEEL real pleasure. i.e.. regularly has sex with different people and fakes orgasms.

Dude: "Yeah we hooked up, but that's all I want from her man."

Guy: "But didn't you really like that chick?'

Dude: "Nah, she wants a boyfriend, but she was just pussywagging. It was an easy hook-up."
by MyTasteIsImpeccable January 30, 2014
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