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"Pusher-Street" or "Pusher style" is often used in DotA gaming community to define a player who constantly fails and feeds while TRYING to save another player (keyword here is "trying") or even a chicken (which was shown to fail). It is originated from a DotA player named Pusher, who is regarded by players as a free 200 gold to buy a chicken, a free meatshield for the crow or a free Crystal Maiden that looks good on a DotA screen. It was determined that Pusher has a gondola quotient of 2 (while Vigoss has 8999)
"Yo, look at this Pusher-Street style swap to save the ca..... and Pusher dies--- whatever, back to the game..."

"The team battle is starting up, and whoops, Pusher... I-i-i mean the Crystal Maiden dies" (by Luminous48)
by LiquidDeath__ January 05, 2010
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