If a pimp is going to take a chance, a bitch must give him money in advance.
A ho doesn't get to fuck a pimp until she pays him. A ho has got to put it in a pimp's pocket like a rocket before pimpin' can begin. It's not about a pimp breaking a ho, it's about a ho breaking herself.
Pimp - "Bitch, break yourself, Purse First Ass Last!"

Ho - "Pimp Daddy, what can you do with this money that I
can't do with it myself' If you can answer that, I will
break myself."

Pimp - "Bitch, I can go to the motherfucking hardware
store, get some duct tape, tape that money
on the wall, and piss on it. That's what a I can do
that a you can't!" I'm the pimp and you're the ho".
"So act like the quarterback and pass the
motherfucking bankroll."

Ho - "Yes Daddy"
by AnTione Tha Don November 10, 2010
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