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Our culture has phrases for various stages of a relationship: When a couple gets engaged they are fiancés, when married they are spouses, if divorced they are an ex-wife or ex-husband. Until now, when someone is ending their marriage - but is not yet completely divorced - there has been no word for it. Purgamate is a descriptive title or reference for a man or woman whose divorce is pending and is just waiting to get it over with already. Purgamate is gender neutral and not meant to be used as a negative term - it is a much needed word that has been missing from our culture.
How many times have you had to introduce your soon-to-be Ex as your spouse, and cringe at the sound of the word as it exits your mouth? Saying it, "this is Sue, my wife", "this is Steve, my husband" (always with an eye roll) absolutely sends the wrong message! You find yourself having to say, well we are getting a divorce, and then having to tell some descriptive story. What an awkward moment! Finally, you can introduce your soon-to-be Ex, as your Purgamate and everyone will get it and leave you alone! Although, you may sometimes want to tell a funny story...
by purgamate October 17, 2013
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