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A company that sells romantic products designed by women. Products include massage oils, candles, bath products, scents, body lotions, and personal toys.
Pure Romance in sold in "Party" atmospheres, where one woman will invite a bunch of friends to her house, and then a Pure Romance consultant will give a little demo of some of the products. The ladies order their products from the consultant. Then they go home and try out their new fun toys!
Suze: Hey Shanna! Do you want to have a Pure Romance party? It's a really great way to get all your friends together and have a girl's night in!

Shanna: Sure! I've been wanting to get some new toys!
by February 04, 2010
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A sexually charged feminine social group that was founded by Patty Brisben. The groups primary platform is based on the communal gathering of overly sexual or sexually deprived women who thrive on feminine fellowship and conglomerate masturbation.
They claim the organizational purpose to the group gatherings is to sell and distribute their fine personal products, but upon deeper dissection of the company structure, Pure Romance parties are simply female group Jilling fests.
Susie: "Hey Betsy, were you at the Pure Romance party last night?"

Besy: " Why yes Susie i was, Chelsea was Jilling so hard she squirted on us all!"
by Jilling John September 23, 2010
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