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n. Puppyface, otherwise known as P-face is a complete tool. He has no respect for anyone who has a vagina. He smokes all day and it entirely too skinny for his own good. In addition, he is grouchy, to say the least, because he isn't getting any action...not with girls or boys... and probably will not be getting any kind of action anytime soon... or even later. In fact even his fish buddy love is going dry. The only thing he's good for is bumming cigarretes.
Puppyface quit trying to stick it in his butt!
by walton warrior March 04, 2009
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When someone's dick is in your face and you're not happy. At all.

Origin: A man wearing a stuffed puppy instead of pants at an anything-but-clothing party brought his "puppy" too close to the faces of those sitting nearby.
I woke up to a puppy face and screamed.
I hate getting puppy-faced!!
by Puppy-faced November 01, 2008
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