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Words or puns found on urban dictionary that have only slightly altered spelling from the original word or phrase, so that the pronounciation is the same, hence making the joke or meaning pointless and indistinguishable from the original term when spoken aloud.Thus making the pun useless and unnecessary except when read.

An individual who talks on his or her cell phone even when doing so is rude or inconsiderate of other people."

Person #1: "Can't you stop talking on the phone while ordering your happy meal -- that's cellfish"

Person #2: "How the fuck is that in any way selfish? You have a phone, talk on it."

Person #1: "haha no dude it was a joke, like CELL *points at cellphone* fish, get it?"

Person #2: *shakes head*

Mcdonalds employee: "Umm words like that are punnecessary dude, they only make sense when you read them"
by phoobia69 November 19, 2010
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