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A Punita is a person, usually female, of Indian origin, specifically from countries that are predominately Hindu. A Punita is someone who is super kind and so hilarious. They usually have an enormous heart and are constantly looking out for the people around them. One fun fact about Punitas is that they are really into cheesy jokes and can NEVER remember actors names. All in all, they are the perfect friend :)
Punita is such a good friend. She always laughs at my knock knock jokes.
by MrChristmasTime July 01, 2018
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Punita means a really cool chick from Newport, Wales. Her coolness is shown quite a lot. For example, when she does the "drop it like its hot" hand movement dance. See also: Genghis Khan.
" kemcho, maaru naam Punita che."

"meri bannoo (punita) ki aayegi barat."
by Bleech February 28, 2008
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