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When males' testicles or 'penis pals' retract and shrivel as if there were balloons that had met a needle. Sometimes due to cold, but primarily in this case due to fear.

The puncturing aspect of the aforementioned gentleman imagining his balls being stabbed with a sharp implement can often lead to a re-retraction.
"Oh baby, aren't you keen to have a go with this strap-on? I've ubed it well but you've still got punctured penis pals"
"What the f@£k are you talking 'bout?"
"You're balls look like a couple of balloons that have been popped by a pin"
"That's not really helping honey!"

She realised she'd revealed too much about her job in the STI clinic as she noticed she'd his previously budding sack had been replaced by punctured penis pals
by RastaVari August 16, 2013
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