A Way To Release Anger Through Dancing, Punching, And Kicking At The Same Time In A Deserted Area.
Guy# 1: Your Late! What Have You Been Doing?
Guy# 2: You Know How Kelly Broke Up With Me?
Guy# 1: Yeah.
Guy# 2: Well, As I Was Walking Through Woods To Get Home, I Sorta Though About It, And Began Punch Dancing.
Guy# 1: I Totatlly Understand, I Was Late Too Because I Was Punch Dancing.
Guy# 2: Why Were You Punch Dancing?
Guy# 1: Because Kelly Broke Up With Me!
Guy# 2: You Cheeky Bastard!
by Jizzy Julian September 21, 2009
While on the dance floor by yourself, begin to throw wild punches up, down, left, right and in circles. After 2 minutes of successful punches, you should begin to spark the attention of others who may either be in utter shock or admiration. Those in admiration will proceed to throw sporadic punches with you. You have officially started the party off right with the punch drunk dance.
After your last final of the first semester of law school you proceed to get hammered with classmates at a local bar. At the bar, you have consumed more than 5 drinks within 30 minutes. You begin to "hear the beat" from the bar's jukebox and walk to the middle of the dance floor. Punches naturally flow from your body like bruce lee with dementia. Consequently, you provoke classmates to do the same. The title of such classic dance moves is called the "punch drunk dance." *Warning: Blows to the face may occur.
by a_i_Dub January 11, 2012
The feeling you get when a group of people move in on your dance space.
Those girls are pushing us out of our area, lets jump in the middle and start dance punching.
by Selphee May 11, 2011