Generic white sneakers -- shaped like pumpkin seeds -- worn by girls in the hood.
Her feet hurt cuz her pumpkin seeds 3 sizes too small.
by Peopleshark February 1, 2011
A true gem of a lady. A very cute and beautiful and beautiful enchantress whose charm and elegance are never to be underestimated.
"Hello pumpkin seed! How gorgeous you look today!"
by Pooklescratch March 22, 2010
Any man under 5'8" with an orangish skin tone, usually of Brazilian descent.
"See you later, pumpkin seed!"
by Melba "Spanky" Toast June 20, 2006
Obtained from a non-swear insult generator, an incongruous pumpkin seed is someone that doesn't fit in due to being small and wide. Like a pumpkin seed.
Me: "You're such an incongruous pumpkin seed."
Incongruous Pumpkin Seed: "That's not true! My mother says I am very congruent..."
by NotSnappo August 1, 2022