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1. A small-medium sized primate that usually has razor sharp teeth and claws, laser infused eyes and an unrealistic heart beat known as the supernatural.

2. This primate known for its adrenaline gives him the name "fright or flight".

3. An animal so rare to existence
Pulse Monkey PulseMonkey
by Existence November 23, 2012
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1. A raging African American homosexual who can not stop masturbating ambidextrously due to his chronic CMD.

2. The 3rd cousin of a Porch Monkey, which has settled down in common upper class districts and suburbs along U.S. States with high urban populations.

3. A term given to modern day Rap and R & B artist whom think an auto-tone and a single chorus and repetition compose a song. This includes Rebecca Black. (Slang)

Originating from Northern, Southern, Western, and Midwestern States of the United States of America.
Pulse Monkeys have a tendency of being racist and taking welfare for granted; Consequently, the term pulse monkey is a racist slang term originating from the Czars of Obama. All the while, they have trickled into the cracks of the hardworking upper and lower class community's.This gives bad names upon the hardworking black community.
by DrDustmann June 28, 2012
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