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A car club catering to Australian owners of tacky little runabouts called the Nissan Pulsar. It involves an on line forum where owners can discuss performance modifications to their little underpowered vehicles. They will ofter meet up for a cruise; where owners of the Pulsars will go for a spirited drive together until one of their cars breaks down. They pause until the tow truck arrives, and off they go again until the group is too small to go on. They also hold dyno days and track days. These are attended by other car clubs for amusement as most of the Pulsars can barely get a dyno to turn over at all, and track laps are measured in hours.
I've just bought a natty little runabout with a massive exhaust and huge wheels. I think I might join the Pulsar Group Australia.
by Paris Wallbanger February 03, 2010
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