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When a female is engaged in the act of dry humping with a male.
"Eww, was she pulling a wendy with him last night too?"

"Apparently more than a wendy."

(See More Than A Wendy)
by Drydenite November 06, 2007
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The act of spastically choking on just about anything, including: any type of food, air, one's own saliva, etc, that induces such a violent reaction the subject gags and sometimes vomits in their mouth a little.

Also, Pulling a Wendy can be an extremely clumsy person who often trips over their own feet or runs into glass doors and windows.
Mike: (While eating soft grapes) Somehow the skin of the grape lightly touches the back of his throat causing a violent gag that pops a blood vessel in the eye.

Jamie: "Oh god, he's Pulling a Wendy"
by KM976 April 28, 2017
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