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To urinate anywhere except the toilet in a public (or sometimes personal) bathroom. Bonus for drenching the unused toilet paper with ones own urine in a stall and/or to piss on a neighbors shoes while they are urinating.
"Luke pulled a Watson again"

"I hate this bar, I'm gonna Watson it"

"I was pulling a Watson when Jeff walked in, laughed, then joined in"
by Dug Taco March 15, 2010
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Pulling a Watson includes texting a friend (mainly opposite sex) and making plans to hang out. When that person starts to plan where to meet, and all the details of hanging out you "pull a Watson" and stop texting him/her; stop answering calls; and even go and hang out with someone else and have that said person lie to the friend you were to hang out with.
Dude, Zakk is totally pulling a Watson on me!

Yeah, Zakk Watson is the one who kept blowing me off, so I had to come up with a phrase for him.
by fireCrotch666 May 25, 2011
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to pull a watson is when someone jocks someone else for pretty much everything they do.
Adley:Nice shoes, where you get those
Hypebeast: Over at soho
Adley: Damn son, i wanna get a pair, and where you get your haircut? i wanna get that too
Hypebeast: why are you pulling a watson
by Zhuang December 09, 2008
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