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refers to an extremely naive, ignorant, and overly trusting person who recklessly approaches "danger close" to an alpha predator animal; such as a bear, (black, Grizzly, Polar), moose, bison, crocodile, Cape buffalo, lion, tiger, elephant, rhino, or hippopotamus... Just to name a few.

Solely, for the purpose of "hand feeding, touching, taking a "selfie" with a killer, petting, or even cuddling such an animal, with the likelihood of being trampled, mauled, crushed, impaled, partially or wholly eaten, and of course, invariably, the victim of an utterly horrible death.

(Pulling a Treadwell" refers to Timothy Treadwell), the disillusioned & troubled amateur bear enthusiast, who was eaten ALIVE (to death) over several minutes, (all on audio recording) taking his hapless girlfriend along with him, on Oct. 5th, 2003, in Katmai Nat'l Park in Alaska.

The award winning doc "Grizzly Man" by Werner Herzog chronicled the harrowing event with bizarre and phenomenal up close preceding footage. The bear who ate both him and his unwitting companion was previously named by Treadwell as "The Grinch". Treadwell didn't even carry 'bear spray', for fear of harming his beloved "teddy bears".
"HOLY SHIT!!! Look at Donald!!! He's got a bunch of long grass, to feed the baby hippo on the bank of that African River, but he doesn't see the 7,000lb. Mother hippo charging from behind! He's definitely "PULLING A TREADWELL", and is ROYALLY FUCKED!!" "Oh, well, Don WAS a stupid guy...", the witness states, as poor Don is Chomped into a gory two.

Similar words: disembowled dismembered feasted upon ingested Oscar for stupidity fearless, yet detrimentally cognitively challenged OMFG! extreme sharp force trauma extreme blunt force trauma NO DADDY/SON/BROTHER FOR Christmas
by EverestsOccamsRazor September 18, 2016
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