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Accidentally sending a calendar invite to everyone you have ever emailed before, then blaming it on your computer.
Disregard my breakfast invite for 2 weeks ago everyone, I seem to be pulling a Lisa today
by JLAPPS July 10, 2019
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One who never completes a project; doesn't get along well with others; very difficult to please; rude; leaves things out for others to put away; refuses to accept responsibility; a total fucking devil cow!
aka PL
Man, Carlos keeps pulling a Lisa at work.
Please tell your boss that someone is pulling a Lisa.
by dabiggdogg87 August 12, 2011
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The act of you or someone you know spilling something on your phone. Either by accident or on purpose, the events leading up to it are usually quite interesting.
Me: *drops phone in trash can which then gets covered in ketchup"
Bystander: dude, stop pulling a lisa!
by r06613r0073n February 03, 2017
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