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Pulling a Leites is an expression used to define a person (or animal) that will just throw himself on his back when attacked by an opponent (or a predator in case of an animal).

The first occurence of that particular act was discovered at the UFC 97 event, April 17th 2009, in Montréal, Québec, Canada, when Thales Leites, and the champion Anderson Silva, fought for the title.

The only offense Mr Leites could create was... to throw himself on his back in front of his opponent !
I just pulled a Leites on my couch, and I'm watching TV.

After taking a dozen shooters, Amy pulled a Leites on us, and we had to drag her home.

I was so astonished I pulled a Leites in front of her !

I saw him, getting one or two shots to the face, then I saw him pulling a Leites !
by Indralia April 28, 2009
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