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when one becomes so enraged, anger is pumping through his/her veins because of conspiracies and/or friends and random people are believed to flail through his belongings and purposely pocketing the belongings of said "Kaufman". Although... this "Kaufman" person is NOT a theft UNTIL he knows beyond any suspicion that you have stolen from him first, then he believes it's Fair Game. Pulling a "Kaufman" involves violent threats and false accusations shortly followed by the smashing, burning, cutting, shooting, etc. of HIS OWN belongs! One throw against the wall is not said definition, the belonging HAS TO BE in pieces, on fire, and beyond repair.
Dude, you're flipping out! Oh crap, that was your phone... what the heck? You're pulling a "Kaufman"!

(with fist in the air, asking if anyone wants one - referring to a elementary noggy!)
by SuperKrazy3603 May 23, 2018
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