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Its when you've graduated a shit long time ago, and are almost 30, and come back to high school to get with the younger bitches, because you were not accepted into uni.

Pullin' a Joaquin is a very desperate move, as it is a sign that you have

a) not achieved anything in life
b) do not have bitches to fuck with in your life
c) probably still a virgin

Me: Yo, whats this nigger doing here, didn't he graduate like 5 years ago?
Other person: Yeah man, but don't sweat it, he's only pullin' a Joaquin, so his come back to get with our bitches.
Me: Well, I guess im not mad now as he is almost 30 and has not achieved anything in his life. I know im not going to be pullin' a Joaquin when I graduate.
by JammBouty May 31, 2011
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