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To pull a Vlad essentially means to totally own.

1. In video games, to pull a Vlad means to win by using an extreme amount of skill. So much skill that people's brains can't handle it and they die.

2. In school-related activities (tests, exams), to pull a Vlad means to get well over 100% (even if there's no bonus questions). In very rare occasions, marks of up to 327% have been recorded. Pulled a Vlad indeed!

3. In card games, pulling a Vlad means to utterly defeat the opponent(s) without even really trying.
1. In a game of Starcraft, a young boy is playing against 7 players online:

Boy: Let's get it on.
10 minutes later....
Guy 1-7 are defeated before they even get any buildings up.
Boy: Well, I pulled a Vlad!

2. Guy 1: How'd you do on your exam?
Guy 2: Dude I got 221%!
Guy 1: Man you pulled a Vlad!
Guy 2: Indeed.

3. Guy 1: I play this card and you lose.
Guy 2: How the fuck? It's the second turn of the game!
Guy 1: Pulled a Vlad, bitch.
by ArkaneDemon June 18, 2008
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