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When you fuck up so bad that your friends turn on you and piss on and take a shit on your car. When you fail at the last second and lose the game. When you hit on your best friend's girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. When you spread rumors (even true ones) about your friends the the detriment of said friends. When you cock-block friends repeatedly at a high level at a party. When you are so filled with jealousy that you must copy the actions of former friends. When you wreck your friend's car and refuse to pay for the damages. When you are too much of a douche to comprehend. When you do any of these things you are pulling a DJ.
Pull a DJ: You and your friend (let's call him DJ) are at Lake Havasu in Arizona for a college Spring Break Party. DJ pusses out at ever turn. Instead of socializing he tans on the beach. He refuses to party. But worst of all he cock blocks you so hard that your penis boomerangs back into your body.
by TheEmcee June 05, 2013
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