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Pull a John Preston is the act of single-handedly fucking up a group of people in the most awesome way imaginable while using a gun/pair of guns/club/pair of clubs/katana/your bare goddamned fists. It doesn't matter what you use because you're such a badass the fight will be over in seconds leaving nothing but a circle of bodies around you.

An individual capable of pulling a John Preston is not to be fucked with. Seriously, they can shoot you without even looking at you, dodge bullets and know what you're thinking before you do.
"Man, I was at the bar last night and there was this fight that broke out. All of a sudden, some guy pulls a John Preston with a pool cue and before I know it there's, like, eight guys KO'd on the floor. It was awesome!"

"I was heading to my car to go to work and suddenly a ninja posse appears in front of me. So I pulled a John Preston on them. Wasn't even late for work."

"So, I storm into this building and there's, like, twenty guys with rifles shooting at me. I drop my M4, whip out my Berettas and pull a John Preston on them. Wonder if they'll give me a Congressional Medal of Badassery?"
by Yeret February 09, 2015
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