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The rare, and complicated, act which consists of the following illogical female bullshit: skankily going home with a guy you just met and having sex with him (without even giving him head), followed by puking all over his bed and carpet. As if that didn’t destroy the evening, you complete the act by dropping a nuclear bomb of a phone call the next day that you aren’t on birth control even though you said nothing when he was fucking you raw.

The nuclear bomb is usually followed by the man purchasing a $50 PlanB pill and awkwardly delivering it to the skank (see: Hazmat Clean-Up).
Skip: Dude, what happened with that chick that was all over you on the dance floor last night?

Bro: Everything was fine until that trick dropped a Puke & Nuke on me. I just drove a fuckin hour each way to her house for the Hazmat Clean-Up. It was a debacle.

Skip: Shit, you got owned!
by king j$ August 09, 2010
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