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The United States' second largest salt water estuary after Chesapeake Bay. Named after Peter Puget, it is a deep water, island strewn inlet (fjord) of the Pacific Ocean flanked by two mountain ranges. Located in the state of Washington, Puget Sound is an active body of water where leisure boats wander amidst cargo ships arriving and departing, while ferries cross back and forth between cities. Cities on the Puget Sound include, Bellingham, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Bremerton. Puget Sound has an abundance of wildlife, some of which is threatened, including the endangered orca (killer whale). The Puget Sound region is the most populous region of the Pacific Northwest.
Puget Sound (pronounced PYEW-jit). When it is not cloudy, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, foggy, misting, showering, raining or overcast grey, Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Range are visible from Seattle's Elliot Bay on the Puget Sound.
by Normanapolis July 06, 2006
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A Puget Sound is a type of urethral sounding practice where someone pours sea water inside the urethra of a penis. This gives a cold and tingling sensation which is surprisingly pleasurable.
I just gave my boyfriend a Puget Sound last night, and by golly he said that it was the most orgasmic experience.
by somethingcleaverhahahoihedaodh November 21, 2019
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