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Means "Puffy Afro". This is like an afro but not as thick, black women dream of having hair naturally like this, although some do. The only people who have a natural pufro are most sicilians, most south americans, and some blacks. Also if you are half black you are most likely gonna be born with a pufro.
Leroy: My dad is black and my mom is Russian, look at my huge pufro.

Julio: My dad and mom are both Puerto Rican, look at my huge pufro.

Giovanni: My mom and dad are both Sicilian, look at my huge pufro.
by ---SeX--- May 12, 2004
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when you have got a light puffy affro like if you came from the south america or whatever n u got some kinda curly but not too packed affro yeah.
hey i am from the south american look at my puffro. i gotta get this thing sorted out, does anyone have a comb i need to fix my pufro which i s a result of my being from south america. As i am from shouth american i will also ahke my booty while i fix it.
by tarik el hob August 18, 2006
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