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Word said by one that gives "life" to the word 'pfft'. Usually when one says 'Pufferteh' it is an act of randomness and has absolutley NO meaning. Most say it because it's fun to say.

Note: Pufferteh is not written on paper, or typed. It is only to be spoken outloud.

Pronounced: PUFF-err-Tehhh Let the PUFF and the err roll together.

Other pronunciation, for those that say it fast: PUv-er-Teh

P1: Hey man whats up?
P2: Nothing much..
P1: Hahaha, i just owned some kid at basketball!!
P2: Pufferteh..!

Note that when you say 'Pufferteh' it's supposed to be VERY random, and make people laugh becuase of how random it was. If people don't laugh, you don't know when to say this word. Never overuse it either.
by 11111234867563468 August 01, 2007
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