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A "Pub Physique" can be seen generally in older males who deprive exercise and a healthy existence in favour of drinking heavily in local public house.Their body weight will be MUCH higher than the average person. Often they are wise and funny, having many tales to tell.
by Coopboy July 13, 2010
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When the owner's body could provide enough liquid refreshments to hydrate a large football stadium. The person tends to have this body due to spending copious amounts of time in pubs. Their idea of sport is a game of pool, throwing 21 ounce darts, and dancing to some Garth Brooks on the juke box. The last time they did any exercise was when they ran from the front door of their local Ladbrokes to place a bet for a 3:45 at Kempton.
That man isn't going to be able to do a 5k run, he has a pub physique to rival any dart player.
by Bodywatcher July 24, 2015
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