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A girl who has natural beauty and a kind heart. May be quiet at first, but when you befriend her, she might talk more. Puala always lends a helping ear, so she won't really mind if you keep talking. If she trusts you, she may tell you a deep secret that she has. She will always protect her loved ones, sometime even if it means getting hurt. It is recommend that you don't anger her as she will get very very angry. Even though she may be kind, she does has a "darker side" that she keeps from everyone. Never ever hurt or make use of her. It is not kind and normally she will know if you are making use of her. Puala is a really great person, if you ever get to friend her, you should keep her as friend.(its worth it) :)

Puala is a mysterious person, this are the only things I know about her.

Note: that not every Puala is like this ,everyone is different and unique in their own ways.
You see that pretty girl there? Thats Puala
by a random person :p July 12, 2021
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