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Pseudonym used by the late, great author Sir Terry Pratchett.
Best known for his many Discworld books.

Name / Term abused by some vague internet bottom feeders as well - but these are just a rip-off and an insult to the memory of a great man.
Pterry wrote so many great books, I don`t know where to start.
by Guardian72 December 08, 2017
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Usually a human with a very little brain, likes to state retarded comments in certain forums. If you see this guy on the streets BEWARE! he's a ranging homosexual and will probably try and make you as dumb as him.

Also watch out for his gang of idiots as well.
Pterry, you'll find him lingering around on the Tribal wars forums.
by Riche5671271 June 13, 2009
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