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Psychorea is a counterpart of Weaboo. Psychorea is negative term for overly obsessed with Korean culture that some fans turns to craziness.

The word Psychorea came from the word Psycho and Korea
here some example of Psychorea:

1. Some or any person watch Korean Drama or Korean song, then afterwards, they learning and trying to speak Korean language.

2. After absorbing Korean culture, some or many people trying what Koreans do, like eating, taking a bath, hair styles, dresses.

here some examples of conversations:

Man #1: Hey guys!! did you watch ******** (a korean music video)
Man #2: uhhmm.. no
Man #3: i'm not interested

Man #1: bro!! its good.. like **** **** ** (he's trying to speak korean)
Man #3: wait!! wait!! dude.... stop it... its too annoying...
Man #2: hahaha bro... that so gay..
by Switchdraw June 13, 2014
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