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Using many alternative intervals of mind manipulation at the same time, causing the victim to be left confused while their mind slowly erupts. The Mind Nuke.

Famous users of this include jedi's and Chuck Norris.

You're reading the word and your mind is seperating the individual words while you later read all the capitalized letters. You see Fear my psycholoception and RUN. Little do you know there is no U in Psycholoception. Also psycholoception is an action, not a tool so fearing it would be usless. Plus the more you think about it the more the psycholoception is working but, if you stop thinking on it a ninja could sneak up on you and assissinate you. But how would that work if you're being psycholocepted? But didnt you just stop thinking about it so you wouldn't be? Boom. There goes your mind.
by skcirT_dniM_ideJ June 02, 2011
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