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One whose conversation is derived from the limp jargon of Dr. Phil, Parenting Magazine and all forms of 'coaches.' The call of a psychobubble is distinguishable by its use of the word 'boundaries.' That Nile of a word with its numerous tributaries has drowned the hell out of many unsuspecting small talkers. Even the most experienced navigator of the boring conversation trembles at the thought of being caught in the vapids.
Peculiar to the psychobubbles is that rare ability to make even the most intolerable of Friday afternoon meetings in poorly ventillated rooms longer and less meaningful.
"Did you put that memo under that psychobubble's door that today's quality assurance review is cancelled? HA! Are you in on the pool for how many minutes shorter meeting will be without that psychobubble asshole?
by Aggressive Passive March 19, 2010
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