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An email, sent by a crazy ex, with the appearance of a spam or fishing email. Psycho Spam shows up in your inbox occasionally, every couple weeks or months, with multiple phony or vacated addresses in the "sent to" address line. These emails are sent in hopes of receiving a response by you in order for the sender to open up some sad, pathetic line of communication. Whether it's to harass, trying to stir up shit, trying to be friends again, or board with the person they are with so they are fishing for a future hook up. Any negative reply might result in a "restricted" call to your cell phone.
Pete; "Anymore from that nutty bitch who was crank calling your elderly mom?"
Jay; "No, but I get psycho spam from the nut job once every couple of months."
Pete; "She lied to you, screwed you over, talked shit about you to everyone who would listen and still emails you?
Jay; "It's okay. I've forwarded her psycho spam with replies to her boyfriend. That'll keep her busy."
by LaterM1970 October 23, 2012
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