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For every new Psyche episode ever created, there is a hidden pineapple which the viewers must spot- it is kind of like an "I SPY" game for every Psych episode. HOWEVER. The damn pineapple is increasingly difficult to find, as sometimes, it is merely depicted as a pineapple smoothie or something else that is simply a pain to relate back to the object of interest, the pineapple.
The "hidden psych pineapple" was shown as a pineapple smoothie in that episode. WTF. PUT A REAL PINEAPPLE IN THERE, DAMNIT!

As I said "Merry Christmas," to Sam, she was thinking about the Psych Pineapple, and cookies, as she will one day dominate the world and therefore NO ONE can question her about her interest in Psych Pineapples.
by jla3122 December 11, 2010
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