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Those who pretend to be gothic just to be "different" from the "conformist" world. Usually just some kids that can't get friends anyway so they just decided to dress in all black so that they can have an excuse to be "differnt". Also usually shops exclusively at Hot Topic because they think that thats goth, when in fact they're actually aiding "the system" they so, seemingly, despise. Most kids like this usually sport the classic "emo swoop".
Psuedo Goth kid: i have no friends
kid 2: man you don't even have angst, that's how lame you are
Psuedo Goths kid: you're just mad because i'm different than you
kid 2: dude, you aren't different, thousand of people have bought that same pair of girl pants so just STFU and follow your own tune in life instead of following the crowd
Psuedo Goth kid: ....*weeps* i'm still goth *weeps*
kid 2: moron
by Psuedo Goth hater October 23, 2006
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people who pretend to be goths are actually called "psuedo goths". They are wannabes and "like" blood, pain, dead stuff, gross stuff, anything scary. FAKERS. There is nothing wrong with goths, but these people are setting a bad image for them.
1: "MATE!"
2: "omg!!! youre bleeding!!"
1: "YESSS!!!!"
2: "omg, can i lick it off?"
1: "yeah, because then people might think we're more gothic!!"
3: "F*cking psuedo goths . . . "
by Beccy November 11, 2005
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