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A dude who is constantly hitting you up trying to hustle this or that (usually drugs lol) and its always "Superfire!" and "The homie hookup $, 'just for you' of course" but when you get back at them to talk real biz they "Just ran out" or "Yeah man, my dude upped the price on me.. That bastard, suxx but I gotta pass that on to you bruhhh" And if (not when) they actually come thru its never what they promised. These guys usually take selfies in the bathroom holding up a stack of $1 bills wrapped in 1 $100 with some dumbass claim like "Real Gs dont play" or "Bitches love the flow, yo!"
"Seriously tho, that nigga Tim always creepin' sketch style with that flakey-fakey bullshit, his bitch ass aint nothin' but a pseudoplug .. Nigga even steals other peoples pics to pass off as his own lmfao!!!"
by Silkypimpin March 10, 2017
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