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An amazing surname for the totally and utterly reserved list of solid as fuck awesome people around the world.
Not to be confused with the Poker hand of the same name.
Pryle's are the social elite and have an elegant yet understated regal grace to them. If you were ever going to marry into a family just to aquire a surname, marry a fucking Pryle.
Lady 1:"Who the fuck is that, I've just creamed my pants?"
Lady 2:"Holy Shit, he is a God!"
Man 1 :"Never mind the awesomness of him, look at his wife, I've just jizzed in my kecks!"
Bystander: "They are Pryle's you dumb ass peasants, do not make eye contact or you will instantly go insane."
Lady 1: Jesus Christ!!!!!! and I'm Jewish!
by eddy1975 September 24, 2010
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