A rare species (only one known) of geek that resides in his bedroom in Canada. He enjoys making videos on youtube, and reports any comments making fun of him as spam. He has an annoying pre-pubescent voice, terrible teeth, and he has gigantic lips. His favorite activity is recording videos, but he also enjoys masturbating to the thought of someone actually liking his videos. If you ever see one of this rare animals, be sure to destroy it as fast as possible to ensure none of its kind are seen again.
Dude, I just saw one of Pruane2Forever's videos last night
Ha, that kid's such a fucking faggot.
by Mass Extermination May 3, 2009
Basically, some gumpy kid on YouTube who really seems to have nothing better to do then make YouTube videos. He should be doing more important things with his time such as studying for school or getting a job rather than whining and attention whoring. See: get a life
Pruane2forever is a nerdy kid that needs to get a life.
by Kongamuse February 5, 2011