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(Definition 1) A women who secures her "meal ticket" with her vagina by "accidentally" not taking her birth control when she says she is or should be.

(Definition 2) A women who uses getting pregnant and having a child with a man as leverage to gain; marriage, money, housing, control over a relationship, child support, alimony, and/or all of the above.

(Definition 3) A women who exploits and treats a man like shit by way of

(Definition 1) and/or (Definition 2)
(Example 1) Any situation where a woman, who by law has the right to her body, gets pregnant because she was not taking her birth control properly or on time when she says she is or should be. Then holds a man responsible in any way for her decision to go through with a pregnancy and/or puts a man in a situation where he goes along with her decision because of sociological pressures. After becoming a Prostitute on a String proceeds to justify her mistake in her mind and/or vocally with any of the phrases listed below...

"Well whats done is done."
"It takes two to make a baby."
"Its not my fault he should have been putting on a condom."
"He should have been protecting his seed from me."
"He should have kept his dick is his pants."
"Accidents happen."
"Why wasn't he pulling out"
"I didn't think this would happen to me"
"I didn't think I could get pregnant."
"I just missed one pill."
"Well he should have been protecting himself."

(Feel free to add to this list. I'm sure there are many more.)

(Example 2) A Woman gets dressed up goes out to a bar and finds the wealthiest man she can find. The women goes back to his place, tells him she is on the pill when she is not, has intercourse with the wealthy man and gets pregnant. After having the child files for child support and gets as much money as she possibly can.
by Silente August 26, 2014
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