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Tiny town next to Paterson, Haledon and Hawthorne that has the feel of what America would be like ruled under Al-Qaeda. Used to be nice when the Dutch lived there, but now it looks like a bad part of Beirut.
"I think they mourned Al-Zarqawi's death in Prospect Park!"
by Torricelli's Dog October 29, 2006
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Prospect Park Minneapolis, Minnesota:

A neighborhood in SouthEast Minneapolis land-marked by a old water tower which is perched atop the highest natural point in the Twin Cities Metro area. The Witch's hat tower it is named for its green witch hat topped appearance. This tower is also famous for its poetic genesis of Bob Dylan's song "All Along The Watchtower" which he wrote while attending college at the U of M in the shadow of the tower.

Situated upon the East Bank of the Mississippi River and bordered by I-94 to the south, Saint Paul city limits to the East, the river to the West and South. And Rail-yards and industry to the North.

Prospect Park is home to politically very liberal citizens known for high involvement in community, politics, education, and the arts.
I grew up in Prospect Park.

I hear Prospect Park is a very nice place to live.
by Loco Piloto February 23, 2011
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