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Proposal sickness happens when you have written so many proposals for clients over a ridiculously short period of time (some of which are usually written over a weekend), any further requests for proposals that you are tasked with writing results in 'proposal sickness'.

This in turn leads to a rather angry disposition, which can sometimes end in furious swearing and avoid techniques which can include snack eating, spotify playlist making and mindless playing on Facebook...

Proposal sickness is like writers block but its more about the annoyance of too many proposals which can never be written during office hours, than a block on the words to write them with.
CK had written 5 proposals over the Valentine's weekend..and then proceeded to face further refinements to some of those proposals from clients on Monday and Tuesday...and so by Wednesday when faced with more new proposal writing, she experienced proposal sickness and just couldnt write any more.
by Little Miss CK February 16, 2010
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