A short acting sedative hypnotic used in short procedures and minor surgeries. It is God's gift the patients. It usually causes minor stingy at the injection site but this is of little concern because A) Your usually pumped up on either diazepam or midazolam or B) By the time you go to brush off the stingy with your hand your already being deeply sedated. Apon awakening of it you feel refreshed, as if your sole was gently removed and stroked and messaged by angels, you don't care that nurses are poking and prodding you just enjoy yourself. Contrary to its effects it is NOT to be used as a sleep agent as it doesn't put one to sleep it puts one in a coma. It is also a very dangerous drug if not used by a trained anesthesiologist as it depresses the CNS....do not abuse this drug no matter what you will simply stop breathing and die.
Anesthesiologist: Count down from 10, this might burn a little
Patient: 10, 9, 8, hey that b......*Goes into deep coma from propofol*
by diprivanman May 23, 2010
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That patient was heavily propofolized.
by BMDB December 12, 2017
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