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Source: Turkish myth:
"A young woman named Lina was dying and she told her last wish to a man named Pronzer. The request was to kill a monster that poisoned her. Only the monster's blood could save her, so Pronzer agreed. He found the monster and slew him with ease due to him having a special sword which was crafted by an expert blacksmith. His sword was then blessed with powerful enchantment meaning his blood activated the swords true potential. He went back to the woman and gave her the blood. She turned out to be an evil witch . She locked Pronzer's soul in to the sword but she perished due to the awesome power of the sword."

It is also said that if you are related to him you can free his soul.Also, he had 4 children.
Girl 1: He is soo brave and strong.
Girl 2: Like Pronzer!!
by hΓ©lfinia January 29, 2009
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