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Occurring During Prom Season, (Also Applicable During Homecoming, But The Pun No-Longer Works.) It Describes These Soul-less Legions Of Classed-Up Bohemian Teenagers In Hummer-Limos And Dead-eyed Faces Merely Doing The Night's Activities In Hopes Of Scoring With A Girl Way Out His League. They Tend To Frequent Apple Stores (For The Cameras) And Hot Topic (Because The Anarchism Back-Packs Are On Sale).
God Dammit, I Wish Their Weren't So Many Prombies Lazing About, I Want To Get My Jones Soda On! Every Year It's Like This, Would You Look At The Cookie Stand, It's Dripping With Preppy Pariah!
by VicShuttee December 23, 2008
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A person rendered zombie-like after a high school prom.
Wow, man. Last night's dancers are today's Prombies - check out that guy! He just walked into a closed door!
by Bitch-Apples May 17, 2010
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