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Someone who waits until the last possible minute to fill up on fuel for their vehicle. Often long after the low-fuel warning light comes on.
Greg is such a progastinator. Every time I'm in his car, his gas light is on.
by Glergsen February 26, 2015
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Individual who waits until their fuel light has been on a few days before stopping for gas.
"I don't want to stop for gas, it's so cold outside!"

"Kim, stop being such a progastinator."
by Sweeetpot November 14, 2014
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One who waits as long as possible to refill their gas tank. Fearing for a highway breakdown as they make one last trip on E.
OMG, I have driven 3 different places with my gas light on. I'm 1 trip away from a breakdown. I need to stop being such a pro(gas)tinator
by nickdfromda513 January 13, 2019
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