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A cross between professional and casual. Can be used in the context of fashion, meetings, events and dialogue.
Fashion Women - A skort and some type of blouse is a professual outfit

Fashion Men - Jeans and a Blazer

Meetings - when meeting your colleagues for dinner after work, you need to maintain a level of 'professualism'. You cannot be too casual because you have to work with them, but you don't have to be professional about everything.

Dialogue - when talking to authority or colleagues about a social event that work is hosting, a phrase such as "What are you gonna wear?" is preferable to "What are you going to wear?" In the context of email between colleagues; signing off with "Take it Easy" v.s. "Best regards" or "Later man" v.s. "Sincerely" can be considered 'Professual'

Events - Professual Friday instead of Casual Friday, because no one actually knows what is acceptable on casual Friday's but when it is 'Professual Friday', the individual knows that there has to be an element of professionalism in your outfit.
by Khalani August 07, 2011
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