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S: (n) food purchased and/or prepared solely for the purpose of avoiding work that one is committed to have completed by a certain soon-approaching time.

The term is often used in combination with Procrastiscribing: the act of defining on Urban Dictionary the type of procrastination one is currently exhibiting as a means of additional procrastination.
Carleton Student #1: "You're going to Oasis /again/? I didn't know one man could be so hungry at two in the morning!"

Carleton Student #2: "Nah, I'm not hungry; I'm just enjoying some Procrastination Cuisine instead of starting my Phil term paper due in six hours."


Carleton Student #1: "Have you started that term paper yet?"

Carleton Student #2: "Nope, though I /am/ quite masterfully describing my current form of procrastination on Urban Dictionary. Hey, do you know what procrasturbation is?"
by Paynekyllr November 02, 2010
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