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der. pro (in support of / incl. pro-biotic)
der. bionic (in reference to usage of mechanical means to enhance the human body)
der. pro-biotic (in reference to orally administered nutrition containing live bacteria in order to restore bacteria to the body)
der. The Bionic Man (a fictional human character reinforced with bionic componants)

1. One in support of the surgical inclusion of electro-mechanical devices to enhance human biological functioning.

2. Applied to a person who has, through thoughtful application of nutritional principles, achieved either the reality of, or the reputation for, legendary physical prowress.

3. A nutritious food expressidly created to enhance physical function in the human body in a manner such as to create a robotic constitution.
1. "I support the effort to create androids; I'm Pro-Bionic"

2. "Dude - if you were to exemplify a nutritious livliehood, you would be amazingly Pro-Bionic. In the absence of dietary evidence, I would have to conclude steroids are the culprit!"

3. "Daily recommended intake of our Pro-Bionic supplement will most certainly increase your physical strength and make you more like Steve Austin then your currently weaker self"
by Uggy72 January 12, 2011
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