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The 100% Pro Elizabeth Swann Movement, now known as the 100% Pro Elizabeth Turner Movement, was founded on May 20, 2007 by the members of the Orlando Bloom Files Message Board who are supporters of Elizabeth Swann, one of the major characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Originally, the movement was not intended for Pro Elizabeths, but shippers of Willabeth. Over time, we became more of a Pro Elizabeth group, until we decided it would be best to change the entire purpose of the Movement.
As members of the Pro Elizabeth Movement, we discover the positive aspects of her character and her roles in the films. We have written and posted essays stating our reasons for being part of the Movement, and also have created a Pro Elizabeth MySpace page.
A few activities that members of the Movement have enjoyed in the past were making graphics to show our dedication, and watching the Pirates films on TV across the country and commenting on our favorite Pro Lizzy scenes.
:0) Yay Lizzy! :-D
Got Pro Liz?
-100% Pro Elizabeth Turner Movement
(AKA: Pro Elizabeth Swann Movement)
by horse_gerbil June 20, 2008
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